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Fire and Fangs

About Chloe Adler

What, Why, Who, When?

Chloe AdlerIn 2021 Chloe Adler quit her day job, sold everything she owned and moved out of her expensive San Francisco apartment to travel and write full time. She spent a year doing “vanlife” in a converted Nissan NV2500 before permanently relocating to Portugal.

Chloe began publishing in 2017 and has written 24 books and published 17.

To see her books, check out her Amazon author page here.

The one thing that’s remained constant throughout her life is Chloe’s insatiable desire to learn. As a perpetual student she has earned several degrees, licenses, certificates and a slew of impressive letters after her name. The main problem, is that more than half the people in world don’t really know what the letters mean, and the rest don’t care. The other issue she faces is that after she’s earned a new degree or passed another exam she quickly loses interest and moves on to something else.

Chloe’s experienced quite a lot of challenges in life (haven’t we all?). Luckily she has optimism and compassion in spades. Ever learning to use that compassion on herself. And she gets to write about challenges, pouring angst into her characters!

In her free time she’s performing circus tricks, sipping tea with friends, traveling and cooking. Chloe’s current favorite saying is “Come Live on The Edge” –  but like everything else in life – this too will inevitably change. What won’t change is the interaction she welcomes from readers so please reach out below 🙂

Fire and Fangs

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