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Fire and Fangs
Distant Light (Iphigenia’s Series)
Book 1
Distant Light (Iphigenia's Series)
The heart plays by its own rules, even when my head screams that something is dreadfully wrong.

I can hardly breathe when Rhys looks at me.

His eyes are so intense. I know I shouldn’t want to be close to him—he’s a vampire, after all, with dangerous charm and sharp fangs. But wanting isn’t something I can control.

As the good little witch who’s always followed the rules, I’m not supposed to be attracted to someone like Rhys. But there’s something about him that I can’t ignore. An invisible force pulling us together.

And it’s not just Rhys who makes me feel this way. His shifter cousins—Thorn, Caspian, and Dominic—each stir… feelings.

Thorn the dragon watches my every move with penetrating golden eyes that strip my defenses bare. Caspian the lion toys with my resolve with his roguish grin. It makes me want to know all his secrets. And Dominic, the strong, silent type who turns into a panther, seems like he’s got a hidden depth that I yearn to untangle.

The four of them claim to protect me, yet their true motives remain shrouded in shadow. Do they mean to use me as a pawn in the conflict to come?

Everyone says I should stay away from them, that it’s too risky. But I can’t help it—I’m drawn to the danger and the mystery. I’m tempted by the chance to be with them.

Falling for these four could be a huge mistake. It could ruin my life. But it might also be the most incredible thing I ever do. It’s a huge risk, and one I can’t ignore…

*** This book does end on a cliffhanger, but the entire series is available individuallyor grab the box set!


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Released on November 9, 2017
ISBN: 9781947156005 (ISBN10: 1947156004)
What Readers Say...

"Delightful, sexy, innocence and light 💡

Yes! This was a delightful, mysterious and sexy as hell journey. Iphi in all her innocence and naivety has captured the attention of not 1 but 4 sexy beasts."


GoodReads reviewer

Distant Light - audiobook
Narrated by Alexander Cendese & Carly Robins

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Fire and Fangs

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